By Steffen “Cookie” Cook, Spartan Writer and Krypteia

As you scroll through the pictures, you see scenes of people carrying logs or large tires. Most of the people look like they’ve just crawled out of a ditch or a lake. Truth be told, they probably have. You wonder what is going on and why they are doing what they are doing.

Welcome to the Hurricane Heat, or “HH,” as it is abbreviated. Simply put, it’s a team-building event that teaches cohesiveness and camaraderie by pushing people to their limits under challenging conditions.

OK, but what does that actually mean? What is, “pushing your limits”? Just more fitness marketing buzzwords that don’t really mean anything? Calculated taglines? Empty platitudes?

Well, no, not really.

What is a Hurricane Heat? A Hurricane Heat will push your limits. And no, "pushing your limits" is not just a buzzword. We mean it.

Have you ever wondered how you would react in a situation where your body has to go beyond its comfort zone? Maybe you think you’re a “real adult,” but when was the last time you really tested to see what you could actually withstand?

At a Hurricane Heat, you’re basically put together with a group of complete strangers and given a task to figure out. The task is not easy, but it will quickly establish how well you can work as a team, how strong you are mentally, and how far you can push your body, physically.

Let’s imagine you’re at the event at the foot of a hill. You were already thigh-deep in a lake and you are cold and wet. You’re already uncomfortable, but so is your team. You receive an instruction that your team must navigate its way up the hill while carrying a large tire. (Read: ginormous.) It starts easily enough, but soon you will become aware that your comfort zone, that little area of, “yes, I can do this,” is starting to run thin. Soon enough, it disappears entirely. You’re now in a zone that most people actively avoid – it’s human nature; people will always choose the path of least resistance.

But here you are, in the thick of it.


It’s now when everything will kick in. Working as a unit with the others around you. Figuring out how to make this task work. Who stands where? Who carries what? Before long, you realize that you’ve forgotten about your discomfort and you are placing others before yourself. Another trait of human nature will kick in–you see one of your teammates who needs a little more help. You scramble to shoulder their burden. Instinctively, your team is gelling faster and faster.

What at the start was a team of individuals suddenly become a machine of many moving parts. That’s when you get the big light bulb beaming above your head. You get it. It’s not about you. It’s about the team.

Everything suddenly starts falling into place. Yes, you’re a hop and a skip along from the “discomfort” stage, but so is everyone else. But as you look around, no one is complaining. In fact, many are encouraging others on and smiling. Some are cracking jokes and laughing.


By the end of the event, you feel accomplished. What you went through is indescribable and only you and your team – your new family – really understand what you went through. You’ll explain to your family what you did, but all you’ll get is funny looks.

Those that know can’t explain. Those that don’t will never understand.