The First Time Spartan Hurricane Heater's Survival Guide

The First Time Spartan Hurricane Heater's Survival Guide

By: Kyoul Cha

You stepped outside of your comfort zone and signed up for your first-ever Spartan Hurricane Heat.

What were you thinking?

That question is going to run through your mind as time marches you closer to that fateful day. Relax, deep breath, and allow me to provide you with a few pieces of advice that will help you make the most out of what may be the best experience you’ll have in the world of social activities.

First. You’ve Made the Commitment – You Registered

You know you’re registered. Spartan Race knows you’re registered. So before you decide to shoot an email to Spartan Race, asking about when HH info is going to get sent out, take a deep breath and remember that if and when information is available, you WILL receive all the information that the HH Director feels is pertinent and important. In the meantime, you should be taking this time given to start participating in some exercising, jogging, hiking to prepare yourself.

Second. You Will Receive an Important Email – Read It

When you receive the HH email, you have to read it. There will be a list of required/mandatory items, so it is important that you bring whatever is on the list.

If you’re like me, you like as much info as possible to be prepared and the best way to ensure preparedness is to ask questions, gather information, and request clarification regarding ambiguous or unclear instructions or directions.

Throw those notions away!

If it says bring a screwdriver, don’t email a question asking what type or kind or size of screwdriver. Just bring whatever screwdriver you happen to fancy. If it says bring a potato, don’t email questions asking if it should be a Russett, Idaho, Red, size, color, etc. Just bring whatever potato you want. The important thing is that you bring what is on the gear list.

HH staff intentionally creates ambiguity in their list and directions, they leave things open to interpretation. They give you the task and the parameters, but they leave the “How” in your hands. Why? Because they want you to be creative, to think for yourself, to work as a team, and use what little direction they give you to figure out how to overcome and succeed. No one grows in confined spaces, be it physically or intellectually, and the HH is a place where you’re given the opportunity to grow in all ways. You will be challenged physically at the event. However, the mental challenge of being creative, thinking for yourself, problem solving, and being a free-thinking human being started the moment you signed up.

Third. Don’t be late. Period.

Seriously, the Spartan Hurricane Heat Directors take punctuality very seriously. The punishment for the team is not worth it.

Fourth. Work as a team.

If one person stands, everyone stands. If one person is punished, everyone is punished. Keep that cohesion at the forefront of your mind.

Fifth. Smile, You’re Alive.

Finally, have fun. Approach the HH as an event where you get to meet people just like you, as unsure as you, as hesitant as you, as ready to embrace the “fun-ishment” as you, and have the best stories to talk about, just like you. AROO!!!