Hurricane Heat: Why the Warrior Ethos?

Hurricane Heat: Why the Warrior Ethos?

By: Todd Sedlak

The strength and power of the Hurricane Heat is in the teams that band together to finish. The Warrior Ethos, though used by the US Army, is from a far older tradition. The tradition embodied by the warrior people of ancient Sparta. Through sacrifice each member of a team works with others to accomplish a goal that could never be accomplished alone. Teamwork and mental strength, grit, are what make the Hurricane Heat possible.


I will always place the mission first.

Every participant soon learns that their own personal needs and goals must be sacrificed in order to succeed. Though many teams fight with each other early on, once egos are set aside success is achieved.

I will never accept defeat.

Defeat is something that occurs in the mind, not on the field. It is not an impossible task or an opponent that will defeat you but rather giving up in your own mind. Personal courage and perseverance will see you through.

I will never quit.

If you do not accept defeat, you must still have the fortitude and strength to go on. Not quitting is more than just refusing to stop, it is the will to continue.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

Really, this is what the Hurricane Heat is all about. The strength of the team is worth more than the sum of its members. Each task presented in the Hurricane Heat cannot be accomplished alone, and no team can move on without all its members. Someone will always be slower, someone will always be hurt, but it is not their weakness that causes failure, but the strength of their team that assures success.